Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Would you look at this on television right now! Edwards is neck and neck with Kerry and it looks like Dean will drop out of the race and the stupid people on the stupid TV are telling me this means the primaries will keep going! Aaaaaaaarrrgggh! What is with you people, does everybody in the country think they have to vote or something?

It is bad enough that over a quarter of the delegates have already been voted on. Do we really have to have the rest of them be voted on too? It goes against every fiber of my Gibletsdom! More people means more stupid! More stupid people voting means stupidity compounds stupidity. This is bad for America, and hideous to Giblets! Voters are a bad influence on democracy and would be best served if their brains were scooped out and replaced with complex robo-programs which would compel them to serve me. "What do you desire, O Giblets," they would say. And I would have them bring unto me some mac-n-cheese, or perhaps some delectable ham salad, and the TV for watching cartoons.

But nooooo. You all have to have a "choice." Stupid democracy.
posted by Giblets at 9:50 PM



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