Friday, February 6, 2004

I have decided to make this a new regular feature in Fafblog, as the demand was so great. "Fafnir" people would say "there are so few authoritative places on the internet to go to discuss pies and the socio-political impact of pies. What can you and Fafblog do about this Fafnir?" Well that is what the new Friday pie-blogging feature is for.

Our first pie-blogging pies:

I believe this particular set of pies makes a devastating indictment of free-market capitalism and its impact on developing countries. Truly some powerful pies.

In the future I hope to do a lot with the pie-blogging feature because really when you think about it there's just about nothin you CANT address with pies. There is some seriously rich territory here. I also hope to perhaps engage in some cross-blog participation for instance maybe even with Californian blogger and flavor scientist Calpundit, working with his friday cat-blogging feature for a question on whether cats make good pies. If so which parts of cats? Do you leave the fur in, can it be used as a topping? Theres a lot of potential here I think.


posted by fafnir at 6:57 PM



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