Friday, February 20, 2004

I am interrupting my exciting round the world travels for the sake of our traditional Friday pie-blogging. Pies are beautiful and we cannot forget them.

Today I want to touch upon a subject which has always interested me which is pie community. Here is a proud and majestic slice of pie:

It is filled with delicious chocolate pudding of some kind and wears a proud crown of whipped cream. But it is a lone slice of pie. Where are its brother and sister slices? Where is its mother pie? It is all alone and adrift in a world that is often sadly hostile to pies.

Here is a delicious warm apple pie, hot and resting peacefully on one of those little grill things. You know it is tasty because it has a maple leaf on it! And yet something is missing from this pie. It is missing a slice of itself. A little piece of its pieness has disappeared from it and gone away. "Where is the little slice I knew and loved so much?" this pie is thinking. It is not alone like the slice but it is not a whole pie. But inevitably all pies must have their missing pieces because that is what pies are for. They must yield to us their hot and delectable innards slice by slice or they will waste away, sad and uneaten.

Now here we see a whole host of delicious pies together in a vast communion of pies. These pies are whole and together and in the company of their fellow pies. Plus they are scrumptuous just look at them! Some day they will be cut into little slices and be separated from their pie brethren but for now they are pies living in splendid harmony, cherry with pumpkin, lemon cream with strawberry rhubarb, all different pies living together in peace and security.

There is so much we can learn from pies. Until we can fully comprehend them, I am going out to eat.


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