Friday, February 6, 2004

Well I am fairly excited with this piece of news. Tim Russert may be feelin all big and important because he is interviewin President Bush this Sunday but Fafblog will be interviewing Tim Russert on his interviewing the President, which makes us by defnition even bigger and MORE important!

"Ooo... a meta-interview," you say.
Yes and as always with the hard-hitting journalism you have come to expect from Fafblog we will ask the hard-hitting questions! What was the President wearing? Is it true he does not wear pants? Can we be sure? Do you like monkeys? Why or why not? We like monkeys! We have this clip from the Washington Post which contradicts your monkey claim, suck on that, Russert, suck on that!

This will be much harder-hitting than even my previous hard-hitting interviews such as that time I interviewed Mohammed el Baradei and spent the hour throwing custard at his dog.

EL BARADEI: Please stop throwing custard at my dog.
DOG: (dog sounds)
FAFNIR: Lookithim! Lookit that custard-covered dog!
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