Thursday, February 12, 2004

So there is a new presidential candidate scandal about Vietnam: candidate John Kerry was photographed in 1970 at a protest of the Vietnam War. Speaking as someone who does not care about politics, is not registered to vote in any state, and is often too drunk stuffed or bloated on election night to properly observe the results, Giblets must say: DO NOT LET THIS MAN BE PRESIDENT.

The Vietnam War was a good war! Giblets knows that because wars are good - if they weren't good why would they be so loud and entertaining and so full of color? Being for war means being for troops, who will soon be dead but nevertheless replaced by more troops which we can support even more by sending to more wars! Summary: wars good! Killing good! Troops good! Living bad! These are fundamental Americo-Gibletsian ideals here, people! We cannot tolerate a president who rejects these high principles upon which this country was founded!

Now Giblets is going to say goodbye to you people for today because number one, you smell, Giblets can smell you through the internet. Bathe, readers! and number two, Giblets is going to fall asleep watching something explode on the television, which Giblets gets to do more because Fafnir is off flying to foreign lands and cannot oppose his explosion needs.
posted by Giblets at 10:47 PM



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