Tuesday, February 3, 2004

There have been no shortage of voices imploring the Medium Lobster to comment upon the push to make Justice Antonin Scalia recuse himself in a pending Supreme Court case involving Dick Cheney's refusal to disclose information regarding his energy meetings in 2001 because Scalia took a duck hunting trip with the ever-charming veep. When Mr Cheney appears before the highest court in the land, protest the Democrats, should he not stand before an impartial bench of uninterested arbiters, and not a corrupted one riddled with friends and cronies?

The answer, the Medium Lobster replies with a knowing chuckle, is no. To judge or protect against something, one must seek the counsel of those who have the greatest experience with it. This is a principle readily grasped by the Bush Administration: hence, the logic of putting loggers in charge of the protection of forests, oil barons in charge of directing energy policy reform, and land developers in charge of the EPA. Who would better know the corporate leeches who seek to plunder our environment - and thus would be best equipped to protect against them - than a former governor who lobbied to build a $1.5 billion expressway through federally-protected wetlands?

In the same sense, Justice Scalia knows that the man best equipped to judge, assess, and guard against Dick Cheney is a man who has talked with, hunted with, and befriended Dick Cheney. In fact, Scalia is the only justice on the court who has the proper perspective and background to assess the Cheney case; indeed, it should be the other eight justices - who have failed in their duty before the law to cozy up to federal-level litigants and criminals - who should recuse themselves in this case. For standing idly by in the face of this blatant compatability of interest, the Democrats - and the ever-biased press - should be ashamed of themselves.

In the meantime, we can only hope that more bold pioneers such as Dick Cheney and Antonin Scalia continue to confront corruption and vice as only the corrupt and the vicious can. The Medium Lobster has it on good authority that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is being groomed as the next Secretary of Homeland Security.

posted by the Medium Lobster at 8:05 AM



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