Thursday, February 5, 2004

Here at Fafblog we do not want to be just amusing little people runnin around on the internet tellin wacky stories about "Oh wow I got attacked by a cupcake today."* We want to do Hard Journalism, too. We are concerned and informed citizens with a blog! We have the power!

So recently Bird Dog at Tacitus has been askin "Why is everyone so excited about arsenic in the water?" and yknow I hadn't been excited at all, because I didn't know there was arsenic in the water. So then I got all excited and flipped out, because apparently they tried to lower the arsenic a while ago but then they tried to raise it again before lowering it again. But then Bird Dog said "No, who cares it's just arsenic."

Which is a good question! Who cares about arsenic? Do we really know it's bad? See we all assume it's bad to drink but then we never drink it because we assume it's bad! What a puzzler.

Well Fafblog is committed to plumbing journalistic depths. Today I will experiment with this by feeding my friend Chris arsenic in larger and larger doses and see what happens.

"Here have more cocoa Chris," I says.
"Thank you Fafnir this is just the thing I need since I feel so sick and cold," says Chris.
"Also have some root beer and some pie," I says.
"This cocoa tastes funny," he says.
"It's Nesquick," I says.
"Oh," says Chris, and drinks more cocoa.

We will get to the bottom of this before long!

*Oh by the way I was attacked by a cupcake today. Sigh. I thought it was just sittin there but somethin mustve gotten its blood up or what cause it bounced off the table and smacked me right in the ear. I was very taken aback and felt I have to say somewhat violated and vulnerable. Cause yknow when you're Fafnir people are always joking and saying "Hey Fafnir you get attacked by a cupcake today?" and you laugh cause yknow it's a joke and then it happens and it's just really sad. Sigh.
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