Monday, January 26, 2004

I am back from a week on vacation from the internet. I sat on the beach and stared at the sun and waves and the fish and it was all very relaxin. Too relaxin. By Friday I was repeatedly clickin a horseshoe crab with a seashell and yellin "Load faster, horseshoe crab! What is wrong with you! Grrr!" Then I spent most of the day writing a post in the sand in response to a piece of driftwood's very scurrilous argument about how Howard Dean was gonna lose the New Hampshire primary. I kept having to repost it on account of the tide.

Saturday I attempted to IM Giblets on my seashell but Giblets did not respond. Giblets has been so weird lately. Anyway I decided to go read some of the fish but they were mostly mean and loud and did not allow comments.

In conclusion the beach did indeed suck. It was too sandy and linear, with too much garbage and not enough hyperlinks. I prefer the internet, which is sunnier, warm, has a conscientious sanitation crew and a responsible lifeguard, and numerous fruity drinks. I am sorry I left you internet.
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