Thursday, January 29, 2004

Things like this really cheese me off. They upset Giblets. They raise his ire. They do not please Giblets. In case you are too lazy too click on the link - and you know you are, you are lazy people, which is why you are on the internet, isn't it - here is the picture, blogged by Giblets:

Look at it. There you go. Take it in. The Pope and Dick Cheney. And the Pope is not dead yet.

Giblets was told many many times that the Pope was near death by excited reporters who went on to talk about all the different popes who would replace this old Pope. Would it be a black Pope? An hispanic Pope? A cyborg Pope? Giblets has been hoping for, if not Pope Giblets, a Moonish Pope, as the Church of the Moon has long been slighted by the Vatican and is viciously, viciously angry. Giblets can only imagine the Moonish Pope's first act would be to unleash atomic-powered Moon Dogs upon the populace in a grand scouring. That is some old-time religion Giblets can appreciate.

But instead it is the SAME OLD POPE, day in and day out! Not even an aneurysm or a mild stroke! And he has been Pope forever, or years, even! You'd almost think he had some kinda God on his side. Well Giblets for one is tired of it! Bring on the new Pope, with a new cool set of Pope stuff! Giblets is calling for some serious Pope Death starting here and now and if you love Giblets - and you must because Giblets has ordered it many many times - you will too!

For emailing the Pope in this regard, try: Oh, and be polite, he is after all the Pope.


posted by Giblets at 4:59 PM



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