Friday, January 16, 2004

It is cold outside. "Very very cold," says Giblets, who has come over to appreciate the cold. Giblets and I have opted not to work today because of the freezing blistering cold, because why would you want to go to work in the freezing blistering cold? You would have to be a crazy person to do that. A frozen freezing crazy person.

A frozen freezing crazy person like Chris, who is going to work. "Poor Chris," I says. "Chris has to go to work." "Poor you," says Chris. "For you do not know the character-building strength that comes from work, and the Protestant work ethic." Chris does not believe a word. The tears in his eyes reveal that Chris is a sad and unwilling serf of corporate America. The tears that will soon freeze in the bitter bitter cold.

Oh Chris, be happy! One day your mind will be liberated from the horribleness of your masochistic Puritan upbringing and you will revel in proper laziness, like in Europe. "In Europe they work three hours a day," says Giblets, "then they go to the beach and hang with naked Europe chicks." Giblets knows this from television. I nod over a mug of fresh piping hot cocoa.
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