Sunday, January 18, 2004

Giblets is at an event for John Edwards. John Edwards is said to be skilled at relating to the people. That is all well and jolly, but can he relate to Giblets? Or will he be stupid?

GIBLETS: (shaking hands with Edwards) What will you do for Giblets, John Edwards!
JOHN EDWARDS: (shaking hands with Giblets) In the America you and I build together, we will no longer have two school systems: one for those who live in an affluent community and another for everybody else.
GIBLETS: (shaking hands) Schools mean nothing to Giblets. What will you do for Giblets?
JOHN EDWARDS: (shaking hands with Giblets) This election is not about what we are against. It is about what we are for.
GIBLETS: (shaking hands) Giblets is for Giblets! Please Giblets, John Edwards! Dance for Giblets! Dance!
JOHN EDWARDS: (shaking hands, moving on) Thank you, thank you all.
GIBLETS: Insolent John Edwards! Insolent!

John Edwards's campaign strategy is weak. How will he appeal to the crucial Giblets vote? Giblets predicts he will not. There is only one candidate in this race who is appealing to the Giblets voters here, and it is Giblets.
posted by Giblets at 6:41 PM



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