Friday, January 16, 2004

I am packing. Packing for Iowa. "What is happening in Iowa, Giblets?" you say because you are dull and stupid. "Dull and stupid person!" I say, hitting you with the Scepter of Giblets. "The Iowa Caucuses are happening in Iowa!"

The Iowa Caucuses are about the only thing that ever happen in Iowa. The only other thing that happens there is corn, and they have entirely run out of corn. Stupid Iowa! Yield to Giblets, for your stupidity!

Why is Giblets in his magnificence going to Iowa? Because Fafnir said to me "Oh Giblets you have to go to Iowa cuz we needs someone to go to Iowa OK because Iowa blah blah blah Iowa blah blah." Ordinarily this may be considered to be a conflict of interest, because of course I am running for President, and would be expected to be biased in favor of myself. But in this case I am skipping the Iowa caucuses, like Wesley Clark, because they are stupid and meaningless.

So prepare yourselves Iowans! Giblets will be merciless in his lordly demands and his political analysis!
posted by Giblets at 9:19 PM



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