Thursday, January 8, 2004

I have returned from bein "on hiatus" to find not just mad cows and suspicious aliens gestating in the President's chest but intense and unnatural gloominess at home and abroad. Away with you gloominess! It is your nemesis Fafnir, and I am here to vanquish you!

Take Chris. Chris has been sittin around, doin nothin. "Whatcha doin Chris,' I says. "Eh" says Chris. "You wanna eat chicken?" I says. "Eh" says Chris. "Come on Chris! You know you want the delicious chicken!" I says. "Chicken is bad for me, I will just have this orange," says Chris. And he means it, he just eats an orange. Chris is being dull and full of moping and no fun at all. He says he is "experiencing life issues." I just keep tellin him all he needs is to do is impregnante a female and dig a burrow for her and her litter but Chris never takes my advice.

Still it is not just Chris even though most things are. Gloom is growing on an epidemic scale. Just look at it.

This is wrong and bad and I Fafnir am going to put a stop to it starting right now! With you, sad person reading this! Fafnir is coming to kick your ass until you are happy again! The threat of vicious beatings will make you happy! Until then here is Joe Lieberman again. Look how sad he looks! It is all your fault! You are making him so sad with your sadness! Think about that!

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