Wednesday, December 10, 2003

dir: Don Coscarelli
starring: Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis

So last night I was sposed to go see the film Bubba Hotep starrin Bruce Campbell as Elvis vs the mummy. I was sposed to go see it with Chris. I am sure that it is a fine film with much humor and pathos in which an aging King of Rock n Roll faces his mortality and his legacy while battlin it out with an inexplicably cowboy-hat-wearing egyptian mummy. If I had seen the film I am sure I would say that it was an hilarious yet poignant entry into the vaults of cult film. I would say "yay, Bubba Hotep". This film gets four stars (****).

movie review: Chris not takin me to see Bubba Hotep

dir: Chris
starring: Chris, me

But instead of our usual arrangement whereby Chris casually stuffs me into an oversized dufflebag throws me over his shoulder and escorts me into the theater, he left me at home while he enjoyed the film without Fafnir. Simply on account of me "being asleep" and "having thrown ham salad over all the furniture." Well how else is tha ham salad going to get on the furniture chris? Would you like to explain that one? Harumph.

I found this film to be uninteresting, uncompelling, cinematically drab, and mean. I give it and its first-time director half a star (1/2*).
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