Monday, December 8, 2003

ENOOOUUUGH! No more of this "Fafnir this" and "Fafnir that"! The blog belongs to Giblets! GIBLEEEEETTTSS! It now lies within the realm of Giblets, which will be forever known as the Great Gibletsian Empire. You are now one of its citizens, a subject of Giblets. Yes, you, reading this. Giblets declares you to be Giblets's!

To be a Gibletsian is a special privelege and honor. It means you have nothing to fear, for Gibletsia is the greatest country in the world. NOTHING TO FEAR EXCEPT GIBLETS BOW BEFORE GIBLETS!

Today is the dawning of a new age. A Pax Gibletsia.

Now that Giblets rules this blog it is time for Giblets to expand. Today, Fafblog, tomorrow, the blogosphere! Giblets declares himself to have annexed Tacitus, Atrios, ObsidianWings, and Talking Points Memo. Dance for Giblets, Talking Points Memo! Your incisive political commentary does not amuse him! DANCE DANCE DANCE!
posted by Giblets at 8:16 PM



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