Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Well Fafblog readers will be relieved to hear that Australia easily beat India in a 61-run victory in today's match in the TVS Cup triangular.

India will go on to face New Zealand on Saturday, but with Kiwi wunderkind Ruthegard Horowitz on the pitch, is there any chance that the belaguered Virender Sehwag can lead his team to victory?

...I am still on my hunger strike. And Giblets is now eating a pie. "Not my fault I have a pie," says Giblets. Giblets is not a hunger striker. Giblets is a hunger scab.

The phone has rung several times but I am too weak with lack of ho-hos to answer it, and I am just sure that it is the President on the line, saying "Eat, Fafnir! America wants you alive, well, and fat!" And to him I would say, no, Mr. President, I Must Go On!

Santa wants me fat too. Fat and juicy, so he can eat me. And my brains.

Stupid Giblets with his pie.
posted by fafnir at 7:22 PM



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