Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Still on the hunger strike. Thank you internet for all of your supportive emails. Also thank you, Sri Lanka - for nothing! Here I am hunger striking for your peace and you're still all messed up with the rebels and the martial law? I shoulda hunger struck for Georgia.

Giblets has joined me to contribute moral support in my hour of hunger striking. Giblets is also a Sri Lankan, but he is not engaging in the hunger strike because he considers it "gay and stupid." Well Giblets maybe that's what they said about Gandhi. In fact I think that's exactly what they said aout him. Before he won the Nobel Prize for Peace, he won the Nobel Prize for Gay and Stupid. So very sad.

The Nobel Prize for Gay and Stupid was last awarded to Senator Jesse Helms in 1998. You do America proud Sen. Helms.

Giblets is now eating a big bag of potato chips. "What?" he says. "I'm hungry."
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