Saturday, November 1, 2003

So now Halloween is over. That means it's Christmas season. That means that Santa Claus is coming. Coming to EAT FAFNIR.

You are saying "ho ho Fafnir of course he's not, Santa Claus is fat and jolly!" Well ho ho ho YOU'RE STUPID YOU HORRIBLE STUPID PERSON! Santa Claus is evil and nasty and evil and bad! Sure he's fat - fat from eating Fafnir! -like things! Sure he's jolly - with Evil!

Every year I have to spend Christmas Eve sittin in front of the fireplace with a pitchfork and a Santa Shield to protect me in case he shows up. Chris thinks I'm overreacting but let's see how much you overreact Chris when Santa comes on Christmas to eat your squishy guts!

Stupid evil Santa! Why won't he go away and leave me alone!
posted by fafnir at 10:28 AM



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