Monday, May 12, 2003

OK I have been gone for a while but thats cause I have been busy. Very very busy.

For the last week I have been researchin and developin a great invention that will undoubtably be an i say this objectively and with no hyperbole the greatest and most important thing anyone has ever seen or heard of since the origin of stuff. That invention, is an invention I am ready now to reveal to the world.

This is the inclined farcel.

It will be able to erect skyscrapers in less time than it takes to boil an egg and it will replace the steam engine as our nations number one source of energy. It also makes this great "wanga-wanga" squeaky noise when you push the little flanges on it back and forth.

"This is incredible Faf" you say "but how will you reproduce these costly wonders? Have we the technology."

That is a good question and the answer is Yes we do! And I am doing it right now. I have sent Chris out to get more inclined farcel supplies as we speak.

I will bring inclined farcels to everybody. The twentyfirst century will be the century of the farcel. Wanga-wanga-wanga.
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