Sunday, April 20, 2003

Today which is my BIRTHDAY thank you very much has a buncha people runnin around sayin stuff like "Happy Easter Jesus!" and "Have an egg Jesus!" and "Thank you for dyin for my sins Jesus!" Well thats all fine and dandy Jesus but WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BIRTHDAY HUH?

Yeah yeah Chris and Giblets and some other people got me some presents and said "Yay Faf we love you Faf hooray Faf" but what about the world? Does the world know it is Fafday, known by the Fafnirian calendar as the first of Fafnir, before the Gregorian calendar came an messed things up? Stupid Pope Gregory.

I know I'm bein cranky well y'know what nobody spoiled YOUR birthday by dyin and comin back to life for YOUR sins huh! So there. And thanks a bunch Jesus. Thanks for nothin. Oh and thanks for dying for my sins that was actually sweet.
posted by fafnir at 5:06 PM



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