Sunday, April 6, 2003

I found a quiche on the sidewalk yesterday. Just a whole quiche just sittin there. It looked sad, and it made me sad, so I thought "Well Faf this is the kinda thing you always wanna make the world a better place about" so I picked it up and took it home and let it sit there by the fireplace. "There's a good quiche!" I said. And the quiche perked right up. You could tell it was a whole lot happier inside.

The thing they never tell you about wild quiche is how big they get. Today it was TWICE THE SIZE. And now it had BACON in.

"Fafnir what is this quiche doin here?" says Chris.
"Mmmmm... nothin," says me.
"Looks pretty big to be doin nothin," says Chris.
"I GOTTA GO PAINT THE MONKEY!" says me and I run off to pretend to paint the monkey. In reality our monkey required no extra coats of paint. Chris may be gettin suspicious.

What do you feed a quiche? I gotta find out. SEND SUGGESTIONS NOW!
posted by fafnir at 3:38 AM



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