Saturday, April 26, 2003

dir: The Coca Cola Company
starring: Tropical Sprite Remix

So, lotsa people been askin me "Faf, when are you gonna review the bran new Tropical Sprite Remix soft drink that is bran new and out in stores as we speak?" Well I am going to do that right now. You may wait no longer to see if Tropical Sprite Remix is or is not the drink for you.

Tropical Sprite Remix has a hearty, clear complexion and a good fizz. When you first taste it you're like 'Man I am drinkin some Sprite!" But you are NOT just drinkin some Sprite. You are drinkin new TROPICAL Sprite. Remix.

Shortly after the first taste of Sprite comes the next flavor, diligently prepared by teams of flavor scientists. It tastes like fruit. Bubbly, candy fruit. Kind of like you stuck a bunch a skittles in a blender and shot carbonation in it. That is Tropical Sprite Remix for you. That is its delightfulness summed up right there.

So you're drinkin an the Sprite-taste is replaced by the bubbly liquid Skittles taste and you kind of go "Huh! This is quite odd and different! I had not expected liquid Skittles in any form, much less bubbly ones!" And you spend much of the rest of the time bein confused. DELICIOUSLY confused.

Do how does Tropical Sprite Remix stack up to previous soda experiments like Vanilla Coke and Dr. Pepper Red Fusion and Pepsi Mint? Well I think Tropical Sprite Remix is gonna be the new Pepsi Blue of the season is what. We all remember Pepsi Blue's delicious taste of cotton candy and Pepsi, which intrigued and confused so many. Tropical Sprite Remix will pick up where Pepsi Blue left off.

So if you want a drink that'll be like a bunch of liquid Skittles with some bubbles thrown in then hey! This is the drink for you. I give it two Fafs up.
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