Saturday, March 29, 2003 gotta beat two security guards with a fire hose, run over an ol lady with a shopping cart and hit a fifteen year old boy with a bucket a paint. At least that's what Giblets says.

I hope he's right cause that's what we hadda do to get replacement eggs for our omelette. I tried to pay for them regularly but I was in a hurry and I didn't bring normal money cause I think Fun Munny is a lot more fun, that's why it's called Fun Munny! It's more colorful and in steada having boring people like Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Jackson on it it's got Santa Claus and Art Linkletter. Art Linkletter's worth a whole lot of Fun Munny!

Stop and Shop locations in Providence and the greater Rhode Island area do not accept Fun Munny as legal tender.

I would like to say just for one minute that that is not fair at all and that Stop and Shop really should note that in big letters out in front of their store next time cause I sure couldn't tell from looking at their store that they didn't take Fun Munny! What's wrong with it anyway. I can buy a house with this munny. Hotels or a railroad even.

Well Giblets and I were quite upset and we were on a time table as our omelette was gettin burnt real bad and NOBODY FROM THE INTERWEB HAD EMAILED US EGGS IN TIME. For shame Interweb! For shame.

so then we did what we did to get the eggs and now i feel bad.

Giblets says "MY EGGS! Eggs, DANCE for Giblets! DANCE!" but they do not dance. I will pay you back Stop and Shop! I will make amends I am sorry!

This victory omelette is a bitter victory omelette.
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