Thursday, March 27, 2003

Here I am sitting in my Faftent and I have yet to get very many good responses from my Fafnir/Fafblog Contest, "WHAT IS FAFNIR LYING OR NOT LYING ABOUT IN HIS IRAQ STORY?" I am very disappointed in all of you I have to say, bloggy people. Your contest guesses were not very smart. They were really kinda stupid.

HERE are some of your kinda stupid guesses:

"Saddam Hussein and George Bush would never sing a Dave Mason cover at a concert. Everyone knows that Saddam is a die-hard King Crimson maniac and Bush is wild about Japanese teenage lolita-pop."
"I scratched, but I didn't win... I scratched... I scratched..."
"Hello. My name is Doctor Nkrumbe Nambala, and until last week I was underminister of the interior for the Nigerian government. This is the opportunity of a lifetime."
"I is stoopid."

Contest people: YOU ARE BEING STUPID. TRY HARDER. Do I have to remind you that the prize is none other than Giblets's bag of Cheetos? It's a big bag of Cheetos! And it's Giblets's!

Maybe the contest is too tough. So I'll change it. Now the contest is: WHERE'S GIBLETS? Find Giblets and win his Cheetos!
"Hey!" says Giblets. "I'm gettin mad! I like my Cheetos!"
Find him in one of THESE FUN PICTURES!




ha ha, that's an easy one Buddha is big and fat.

Good luck and win those Cheetos! From Giblets. "I am hungry," says Giblets. No you're not you lie!
posted by fafnir at 9:18 PM



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