Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I was busy today. Busy being a bicycle.

"Oh wow Fafnir you must tell us all about your exciting adventures while being a bicycle!" you exclaim because that's the kind of exclaiming person you are.
Oh well it wasn't that exciting -
"Yes yes yes it was you got stolen by a giant donut and you ran all over town looking for an imaginary princess made of fish I just know it!"
No no no! You are all wrong in the head. What is wrong with you, you! That is what happened when I was being an orange on Tuesday. Today, WEDNESDAY, I was being a bicycle. And it was very different.

I wanted to ride around town and look at stuff as a bicycle but I couldn't open the door to get out because I had no fingers. Because I was a bicycle.
"Oh no!"
No it's true. Bicycles by themselves are not nearly as mobile as say oranges or muskrats or the Articles of Confederation. I am the Articles of Confederation too.

As an orange I got mad at Chris and hit him several times because he was eating my fellow orangekind. He say "Fafnir what the heck why you hittin me?" and I made orange noises at him but he couldn't figure it out.
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