Monday, March 27, 2006

"One of us is a murderer!" says me.
"One of us is going to kill again!" says Giblets.
"Only we can stop us in time!" says me.
"Because only we know where we’ll strike next!" says Giblets.
"Down by the docks!" says me.
"No, at the old mill!" says Giblets. "We'll never think to look for us there!"
"Great idea!" says me. "Now we have to find our victim before they fall into our clutches."
"How about the colonel!" says Giblets. "Everybody hates the colonel!"
"Well yeah but that's too obvious," says me. "If we kill the colonel we'll figure out we did it in no time!"
"How about the butler!" says Giblets. "Nobody cares about the butler!"
"Well yeah but that's just mean," says me. "I don't wanna pick on the butler when he's already feelin down."
"How about Taco Man Stan!" says Giblets. "It’s high time he answer for the ever-escalating prices at Taco Man Stan’s Taco Man Stand!"
"I dunno, those are some pretty high-quality tacos," says me.
"That's true," says Giblets. "How about horrible old Mrs. Foby from third grade! Her libelous deprecation of Giblets's penmanship will go unavenged no longer!"
"We can't," says me. "Mrs. Foby died last year."
"Oh that's so sad!" says Giblets.
"Yeah I know," says me.
"Good ol Mrs. Foby," says Giblets. "Always an inspiration to Giblets and his dreams."
"Our murderous dreams – of murder!" says me.
"We only have hours to stop us!" says Giblets.
"And how will we do it? It’s a mystery!" says me.
"WOOOOOOOO!" says us.


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