Friday, February 10, 2006

Look out – it’s the clash of civilizations! Oh, you thought it was just a tiny percentage of the global Muslim population rioting at embassies over a couple lame cartoons, but you were wrong… oh so terribly wrong! For this is a war, my minions. A war between East and West, Muslim and Christian, Islamofascist werewolf-Nazi hybrids who feast on buckets of baby blood versus the shining white knights of beatific Christobushian Freeocracy!

It is a clash of civilizations which can only be resolved by violent bloodshed! Look at these Muslim fanatics, which Giblets will henceforth refer to as “Muslinatics.” All it took was one insult to their lunatic religion to reduce them to bloodthirsty savages! Well, that and decades of being treated like second-class citizens. But that’s all it takes – just one insult and decades of second-class citizenship! And confinement to poverty-stricken ghettos. Just one insult, decades of second-class citizenship, and confinement to poverty-stricken ghettos! Oh, and the Iraq War. All it takes to get these people to resort to violence is one insult, decades of second-class citizenship, confinement to poverty-stricken ghettos, and a half-assed scheme to bomb them into democracy. Giblets’s point is, these are bloodthirsty savages who kill at the drop of a hat! When Giblets’s countrymen kill you can be sure it is purely for the sake of exporting freedom and democracy to the oppressed. And if the oppressed don’t like it they can go back to their second-class ghettos before we bomb them into democracy again!

It’s time to stand up and fight back before these scimitar-wielding Mohammedans destroy the peaceful, tea-and-doily-loving folk of Christendom with their fearsome curved blades! The only solution is to treat them like second-class citizens, shut them up in ghettos, and bomb them into democracy - before they can Muslify us all! Then we can get back to rioting over civilized, Western issues, like racism, blackouts, and the superbowl.
posted by Giblets at 8:53 PM



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