Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The sun rises to greet the young prince, who hails it and sings of his misfortune. He does battle with the Hippo King and his fire dwarves, who have kidnapped the duchess after mistaking her for their stolen bicycle. How will she marry the count now? The gods are furious!

The emperor rises to hail the sun, which groggily mistakes him for a large bug and swats him with a rolled-up newspaper. The bicycle, stifled by its loveless marriage to the count, hurls itself into the abyss, where it lands on the Hippo King, breaking his glasses and causing him to knock over the next several arias. The gods are confused. Where is their medicine, they had it right here.

The sun rises to hail the third act, which is attacked by the first act and set on fire by the rest of the score. The prince is forced to answer three riddles; they are mistaken for women and married off to random viceroys to everyone's amusement just before their leitmotif explodes, killing everyone. The gods are eaten by an escaped circus elephant, completing the cycle.


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