Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Giblets is outraged... outraged at Democrats who have debased the great institution of the United States Senate today with a shameless political stunt! Instead of focusing on the vital business of womb regulation and gay marriage bans, Harry Reid held the Senate hostage with some trivial piffle about weapons of mass destruction and manipulated prewar intelligence. "Oh the nation has been deceived, oh the president has lied us into a massive military quagmire." Well boo hoo hoo! Do you hear that sound, Democrats? It is the world's smallest violin playing just for being lied into a massive military quagmire. Well, okay, make that two thousand violins. And about twenty-six thousand buzuq for the Iraqis.

Oh how Giblets longs for the good old days of seven months ago, when the stately Bill Frist held court over an emergency session to prolong the life of the famously vegetative, or when the august Rick Santorum compared gay marriage to terrorism on the Senate floor! Instead we must endure the pernicious and terrible tricks of Harry Reid, Mormon from Hell, as he hijacks America's upper house in some petty quest for Congressional oversight! Giblets just doesn't know if he can ever trust him again. Giblets is a Frist man from now on! Next week Giblets is given to understand the majority leader will restore the dignity of the legislature by dressing up in a giant fetus costume and jumping through a hoop of fire in the Capitol rotunda.
posted by Giblets at 6:28 PM



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