Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well, you've got what you wanted, world! You've chewed up and spit out another one of God's beautiful dreamers. You've pre-Borked Harriet Miers, the bejeweled queen of cronydom! This was a woman who understood the system and made it her own, who recognized the supreme unchallenged authority of a single omnipotent ass and resolved to kiss that ass until it turned into a handsome prince!

Giblets blames a lot of people for this - in no particular order, the media, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, immigrants, the Patriarchy™, welfare queens, Karl Rove and The Man - but Giblets is most disappointed in the Republican Party, which has spent the last five years valiantly supporting the principled authoritarian view that the president gets to appoint whoever the president wants to appoint and to hell with any liberal who says different. Now there seems to be an exception for either the grossly unqualified or the grossly not-agreeing-with-us. For shame, conservatives! Robert Bork died for your sins!

This crime against presidential fiat will not go unforgotten! I name it Miersing, and it can only be atoned for in the same way that Bork was: Bring me Alberto Gonzales, the Scalia of cronies! Only he can restore the cosmic balance!
posted by Giblets at 10:41 AM



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