Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"This blog is haunted," says me. "Haunted by the ghost of Ol Man Blog!"
"If you type his name into your address bar three times he'll jump out and kill you with his hook hand!" says Giblets.
"Or send you to an error page, WOOOOOOO!" says me.
"Years ago a group of unsuspecting teenagers tried to spend the night reading this blog on a dare," says Giblets. "And they mysteriously disappeared without a trace!"
"You can still hear em on a cold lonely night way in the back a the archives," says me. "They're still goin 'Please change the colors they are so terrible'."
"They say an axe murderer lived in this sentence once," says Giblets. "But he killed all references to himself."
"Once when I was drivin I got lost in this dead link an I picked up a hitchhiker an she told me she was on her way back from the school dance an she needed a ride back to her mom's house an when I got to her mom's house she had mysteriously disappeared an her mom shockingly revealed that I had made this story up!" says me.
"It's shocking because that's the kind of thing you just can't make up," says Giblets. "And yet you did!"
"What more impossibly spooky things await us on this haunted blog!" says me. "WOOOOOOOO!"


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