Thursday, October 27, 2005

"This post is possessed by Satan!" says Giblets. "He is the infernal lord of its subjects and predicates."
"Yes very true," says me. "He twists the words into dark an spooky sacrilege like 'Here comes Satan!' an 'How bout that Satan' an 'What's up Satan?'"
"What's up is Halloween, his fiendishly demonic invention!" says Giblets. "He stands at the gates of hell and holds in his clawed and burning fist the candy corn of the damned!"
"The devil's most diabolical ally is tooth decay," says me, "and the gum disease gingivitis, the ten-horned beast, which is the second death."
"The devil's greatest enemy is the byzantine labyrinth of intellectual property law," says Giblets. "To this day Thomas Edison is credited with the invention of Halloween AND the radio-powered toothbrush!"
"Lucifer has never seen a dime from the multimillion dollar international evil industry," says me. "Wal-Mart an Pepsico make all the big money while he's the guy who's gotta get exorcised an tossed into pigs."
"One day he will be exorcised from this post by a determined band of internet monks," says Giblets.
"All trace of Satan will be removed entirely," says me. "All that'll be left is a coupla articles an prepositions."
"Articles of the damned! Prepositions of the pit!" says Giblets. "All surviving words will be corrupted with the taint of helly toxins and unsuitable for mortal use without the expensive process of industrial wordcycling!"
"There's no justice," says me.
"Because there's Satan!" says Giblets. "WOOOOOOOO!"


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