Monday, October 10, 2005

I figured a pie was gonna be here. Last time I was here there were a whole buncha pies - lemon pies, cherry pies, pumpkin pies, alligator rhubarb pies. But today's different. Today there's just a potato.

"Hey there," says the potato. "How bout that rain!" The potato is boring - very very boring.

I check all over for the missing pies but I can't find em anywhere. I try askin the potato about the situation but it's busy. The potato spends a lotta time talkin to other potatoes on the internet an watchin specialty potato programs on television. A group of potatoes are stuck on a desert island. They sit on the beach while dramatic music plays. After an hour somebody yells "Oh no!" an the episode ends. It's okay but it probably didn't deserve the Emmy.

After a while I start lookin for pies again. The pie section in the supermarket is empty; it has been replaced with a potato section. I look up pie recipes on the internet but all they got is instructions for makin potatoes. I take the day off to see the wild pies at the zoo but they're missin too - they've shut down all the displays except the potato house. I go to complain to the zoo management but they're all too quiet and tuberous to help.

When I get back the president's on TV talkin about the potato crisis. He is starchy and rootlike. "How bout them Mets!" says my potato. There's somethin weird about that potato.


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