Saturday, September 3, 2005

"That's funny," says me. "Says here on Fafblog we haven't blogged in a week."
"Impossible!" says Giblets. "Fafnir and Giblets are unstoppable superactive blogmachines! Nothing can stand before our worldwidewebular juggernaut!"
"Some scholars believe we DID blog," says me, "only our writings were lost with the pyramids."
"But Giblets's pyramids were impregnable!" says Giblets. "All intruders were destroyed by Giblets's fearsome guard mummies and their terrible sun-curse of Ra-Gibhotep!"
"They brought anti-mummy mummies to use on your mummies," says me. "An ninjas. An big dogs who are also ninjas."
"Stupid ninja dogs!" says Giblets. "Ra-Gibhotep is useless against them!"
"Some theories say we blogged but we just don't remember bloggin," says me, "on accounta the mysterious mystery a Missing Time, wooooo."
"Missing time!" says Giblets. "Memories misappropriated from our mighty minds! Who are the culprits, Giblets demands satisfaction!"
"All signs point to alien abduction!" says me. "They will stop at nothing to probe our brains an steal our yokels an harass our gentle cow friends."
"Every night eight whole hours vanish from Giblets's memory!" says Giblets. "Countless infernal experiments have been foisted upon Giblets since childhood!"
"Oh no me too!" says me. "What has alien science done!"
"Giblets isn't telling you!" says Giblets. "You're probably some evil alien replacement Fafnir come to eat Giblets's delicious brains!"
"Am not!" says me. "An I can prove it too. Ask me a question only I know the answer to."
"Okay," says Giblets. "What number are you thinking of."
"I dunno," says me thinkin a potatoes.
"Me either," says Giblets.
"AAAA!" says us. "We are both aliens!" An we run around in circles an yell an bump into stuff for a while.
"I dunno if we're really aliens," says me after we're all tired. "I think maybe we're just confused."
"Yes... confused by an alien plot to confuse us!" says Giblets.
"That means they still walk among us!" says me.
Chris walks in. We jump im an wrestle im to the ground!
"What next," says me.
"We must dissect him," says Giblets. "For the good of Science."
"What if he's NOT an alien," says me. "Then we're just dissectin our buddy Chris."
"Then WE'RE aliens and we wanna dissect him anyway," says Giblets. "It's win-win."
"Hooray!" says me. "And we will record it for posterity in the annals of Fafblog."
Then the mummies attacked and destroyed all records of this conversation.
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