Monday, August 15, 2005

"Urgent!" says Giblets jumpin through the window past the wall an over the counter. "Activate Team Fafblog Super Action Auto Op!"
"Oh no!" says me. "What's goin on!"
"No time for that now it is just that urgent!" says Giblets. "We have to stop it right away!"
"Quick, to the Fafmofoil!" says me.
"Do we have a Fafmofoil!" says Giblets.
"No time for that now, urgent!" says me. And we leap into action!

An we're jumpin over roofs an speedin in boats an runnin over sidewalks an we run into a wall.
"Quick use the door!" says me.
"No time for doors!" says Giblets. "It's too urgent! We have to go straight through!"
We bump into the wall for a while. It's a tricky wall.
"Nnnf!" says Giblets. "Stupid wall, why are you so solid!"
"It's takin too long! We have to go over the wall!" says me.
We jump for a while. Then we try some climbin, then we try some fallin down.
"Oh this wall is useless!" says Giblets. "Uselessly tall!"
"Maybe we should get a rope a rope or somethin," says me. "I think we got one back in the house."
"No time, so urgent!" says Giblets.
"Quick, over there!" says me. We run over to a rock an climb over that. Then we jump over a leaf an beat a bug in single combat!

An we're chasin cars an swingin on ropes an steppin on crocodiles an we see an ad for the movies.
"Gaaah! The movies!" says Giblets.
"The movies are very urgent!" says me.
We run through the mall up the escalator past the ticket guy vault over the popcorn machine rappel down the theater an dive into a nice middle row with a clear view.
"Gaaah! Commercials!" says Giblets.
"Commercials are not urgent at all!" says me.
We jump outta our seats somersault up the aisle ricochet off the concession stand swing on our grapplin hooks into the lobby to request a ticket refund from the ticket guy. The request is denied.
"Sir we would lodge a complaint with your manager," says me.
"If it weren't so urgent!" says Giblets.
"Gaaah!" says us. "Urgent!"

We're sittin on a park pench eatin ice cream.
"Good ice cream," says me.
"Mmm yes," says Giblets. "Delicious sprinkles."
"I really wanted to get a dip cone," says me. "But they were all outta dip cones."
"Those go fast," says Giblets.
"What were we talkin bout before?" says me.
"I forgot," says Giblets.
We sit there thinkin. A bird lands on the bench.
"Gaaah!" says me. "Urgent!"

After a while we're pretty tired an we call Chris an have im pick us up.
"A job well done," says Giblets.
"Very true," says me. "Do you think they'll ever know how close we came today."
"They will never understand the sacrifices we make!" says Giblets. "The urgent last-minute sacrifices!"
"But at last we can sleep peacefully knowin the world is safe," says me.
"Wait," says Giblets. "Was that the Gibsignal?"
"Maybe," says me. "Do we have a Gibsignal?"
"No time for that now, urgent!" says Giblets. And we leap into action!


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