Wednesday, August 10, 2005

1. Wake up
2. Brush teeth
3. Watch sunrise
   - Is the sun rising?
       - No!
            Quick, run out an inflate the sun!
       - Too many clouds!
            Blow em away with the bellows an the ceiling fan! Hurry up this is important.
       - Why yes it is.
            Check again tomorrow - you can never trust that stupid ol sun.
4. Brush more teeth
5. Feed octopus
   - Octopus food
       - Gum, pizza, tape, email, collectible coins, old reruns.
6. Go to work
   - Welcome to the company me! I am your boss Mister You.
   - Reorganize!
       - The boss is demoted! The soup is promoted! The coke machine is the boss! The boss is the soup! Everybody wins!
   - You can't fire me I quit hooraaaaaay!
7. Brush teeth again
8. The sasquatch
   - How is the sasquatch?
       - The sasquatch is angry!
            Draw up a peaceful agreement with the sasquatch usin a series a carrots an sticks.
       - The sasquatch is sad.
            Take the sasquatch to the zoo.
9. Return teeth to owners; they should be clean by now
   - Find more teeth to brush
10. Carefully lower sun into ocean
   - Look out! Lotsa steam.
11. Wake up, repeat


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