Monday, July 11, 2005

I dunno what the big deal is with the whole Karl Rove CIA thing. Back in my ol neighborhood EVERYBODY knew who our local covert CIA agent was. His name was CIA Bob an he lived next door to Sammy the Milkman!

You'd be out walkin the dog or throwin a frisbee or buyin an ice cream cone an there'd be good ol CIA Bob, mowin his lawn or buggin the Kremlin or stranglin a Latin American leader with a piece a piano wire. "Whatcha up to, CIA Bob?" I'd go. "Oh I'm just assassinatin Castro," he'd say. Silly CIA Bob! That trick never works!

A lotta people might get nervous livin around a trained secret operative, but not with good ol CIA Bob. We'd always go over to his place for weekend barbecues in the summer, kickin back with a coupla grilled dogs an some Afghan mujahedeen. Nothin washes down a plate a Manuel Noriega's German potato salad like a cold beer and a third world proxy war!

Course those were back in the good ol days, before the neighborhood feud with KGB Joe an the bar fights with Iranian intelligence. By the time the mailman's house got attacked by the local guerillas we figured it was time to move to a quieter place out in the suburbs. We still miss CIA Bob, but things are still plenty interesting as long as Witness Protection Program Al's around. Oh the stories he has to tell!
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