Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Since the leak of the Downing Street memos suggesting that war with Iraq war a foregone conclusion long before the subject entered the realm of American debate, those of weaker will have come to question the wisdom and judgment that lead America to war. If weapons of mass destruction and the UN inspections process were merely the means used to justify a predetermined war, then what was the actual reason for the war in the first place?

There were, of course, perfectly sound and vital reasons for the United States to invade Iraq, motivations which if made manifest would sway even the most ardent of the antiwar left, plans and objectives which justify the tens of thousands of lives lost to the increasingly bloody and seemingly fruitless conflict... and which would be revealed to the public at once if it weren't for national security.

Indeed, just as America's enemies would love to know every American troop movement and battle plan, so would the jihadist foe also like to know why the United States is in Iraq at all. Is it a secret plan to lull the enemy into a false sense of winning? A grand plan to spread freedom in the form of militant Islamism? Is it all a massive fake out, a "look at Iraaaa... whooops, got yer Syria"? Is the entire War On Terror merely a front for a larger, grander, even nobler War On Something Else (War On Tyranny, War On Evil, War On War, War On Stuff)?

Only the Medium Lobster knows, and he refuses to compromise the safety and strategy of spin doctors in the field. Until victory is assured, Americans must trust that the plan is working - and that it exists.
posted by the Medium Lobster at 2:12 PM



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