Wednesday, June 8, 2005

This is today's pie. It is asparagus.

"Wait a minute Fafnir" says you, "is this asparagus pie or asparagus versus pie or pie in an asparagus costume?" No this is not asparagus pie it is asparagus asparagus. But asparagus is sorta like pie. Look how much fun asparagus is! Look at that craaaaazy asparagus! You just never know what it's gonna do next! "Asparagus isn't fun at all," says you, "it is boring and awful and dumb." Well maybe you just never gave asparagus a chance - a chance like Fafblog's givin it thanks to our Brand New Policy.

See on accounta the nationwide fat people epidemic Fafblog has decided it has a responsibility to the children - to the fat, rounded, morbidly obese children. They roll around in the streets in front of the Fafblog offices looking to Fafblog for guidance, stuffing themselves until they explode full of pie all because of our reckless pie promotion, and all we ever did was stand here and cash our giant checks from the lucrative pie industry.

Well from now on things are gonna change. From now on Fafblog is gonna use its pie-blogging to promote healthy pie alternatives, like fruits an vegetables an pies places next to vegetables and fried pork heads carved with helpful exercise tips! Now some a you might be gettin worried that everythin's changin, but don't be, cause we'll still have our beloved Pie-Blogging mascots Lardy the Lard Boy and his Crisco Crusaders! They'll just be updated for the new fitness-friendly age, joggin around Fattytown with all their talkin vegetable friends.

I know change can seem pretty scary but stick with us - things are gettin better than ever! Join us next week when Giblets deep-fries a sackful of nutritious beets into the shape of a treadmill to make a fun, healthy snack!


posted by fafnir at 6:43 PM



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