Monday, June 20, 2005

It's not really so bad after the zombies take over, it's just a little dull. Our ol routines become zombie routines. Get up, step over zombies, make coffee, feed the zombies. Giblets piles some dried-out zombies up to make a roarin campfire but the marshmallows taste funny. "Too undeady," says Giblets. I listen to zombie radio's Zombie In The Mornin but the grunts an groans don't really speak to me. "Shuffle aimlessly!" says Giblets from the roof. "Shuffle aimlessly for Giblets!" The zombies obey but somehow it is not the same.

We head out to the store an all the zombies on the lawn have fallen over in the middle a the night. They're tryin to shuffle face down on the grass. Oh zombies, you are hopeless! I fill up the flowerpot an water em before we go. The service at the Stop-U-Mart is terrible. Two of the cashiers have eaten each other and the rest are bumpin into stuff in the cereal aisle. "Useless!" says Giblets. He delivers an angry complaint to the customer service attendant who's droolin on a window. "Giblets wants to speak to your supervisor!" says Giblets. The customer service attendant remains unhelpful.

At dinnertime I remind the zombies of the importance of the cocktail fork but they just gurgle an throw it at the minizombies. "Bad zombies," says me shakin my finger. "No brains today." Tomorrow it's my turn to teach the rhetoric class. I am cautiously optimistic.

We finish up the day workin on the zombie rocket which will land a zombie on the moon within ten years an be a great zombie generational challenge an stuff. The zombies are hittin each other with the heat panels. This stuff takes a while.


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