Monday, May 16, 2005

"Okay me," says me to the other me in the kitchen what's eatin all my pie, "what's the deal with you an my pie."
"I will be honest with you Fafnir even though it breaks all the laws a time an space," says other me. "I didn't wanna have to eat your pie but it was all parta my seeeecret mission from the fuuuuuuture! Wooo scary."
"Oh no the future!" says me. "What can I do to help."
"Well it's all pretty complicated what with all the space-time continuum an stuff," says future me. "But you might be able to help out by makin some waffles and orderin a coupla pizzas an, hey, could you loan me about twenty bucks? That'd be great."
"Don't you believe me!" says the me who's just showin up. "I'm the real me from the future. That me's from the past just pretendin to be from the future so I can eat all my stuff!"
"I am disappointed in you me," says me to past me. "I can't believe I did somethin like that. For shame."
"I must be punished accordin to the laaaaws a tiiiime," says future me makin wiggly fingers.
"Now let's not go around gettin all upset over who paradoxed what," says past me. "Let's think about all the good times instead! Like remember that time you were me an we ate all that pie?"
"Hey yeah!" says me. "I remember that. Oh the memories."
"Now everybody hold it right there!" says another me showin up. "I just got back from even further into the future of the future an I just came back to warn us that one of us is an IMPOSTOR!"
"Oh no!" says future me.
"Quick, save the pie!" says past me eatin pie.
"Oh it's me, I just know it!" says the new me. "I shoulda known all along!"
"Okay now settle down, there's an easy way to figure this out," says me. "I'm gonna ask a question that I don't know the answer to. Whoever gets it right hasta be the fake!"
"Wow, that's such a great idea!" says future me.
"I know, I'd never thinka that," says past me.
"I'm nervous, what if it's me!" says other me.
"Okay now here's the question so pay real close attention," says me to the other mes. "What was the first question I thoughta askin back when you were me before I ended up askin THIS question?"
"I dunno," says past me.
"What if I used to know the answer when I was past me but I forgot by the time I get to the future, does it still count?" says future me.
"I'm all confused," says other me.
"Let's go get ice cream!" says me an we all think it's a great idea an we do.


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