Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So soon, victory! Giblets will be emerging momentarily with Pope Hat triumphant! It is a long and sordid tale; suffice it to say it involves battling Ratzinger over a pit of lava with scimitars until he escaped in the form of a winged serpent.

More news to come. Oh, and all of you are now damned.

Not frightening in the leastUPDATE: So, how does Giblets look? The skin doen't fit Giblets that well - it kind of droops, and I'm standing on top of two dwarves and a monkey just to reach the point where I can operate the head properly.

Vatican tidbit: the sash Giblets is wearing allows me to travel into the ninth pit of hell unscathed to extract the pure essence of the Godbread from Lucifer's still-living brain, but only when dipped in pure childblood. Interesting stuff.


posted by Giblets at 12:39 PM



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