Thursday, April 7, 2005

If a blog feeding frenzy falls in the forest before it has the chance to destroy a reporter's reputation, does anybody care? Hell yes! Giblets didn't get a piece of the action when the getting was good! There's still a vast reservoir of paranoid bile to be tapped into if we just reach for it!

Giblets will come right out and say it: Mel Martinez (R-FL) is secretly a Democrat in a clever plastic disguise, fiendishly planted by the international Leftist-Media-Islamist conspiracy just to make Republicans look bad! Giblets wouldn't be surprised if Tom Delay weren't in on the act, too, committing "fraud" and taking "bribes" just to make the rest of the party look shamelessly corrupt. Is there nothing liberals won't stoop to!

Giblets must conclude that Washington Post reporter Mike Allen knew about this all along, and is thus one of them - and therefore must be destroyed by severing his head and stuffing his body with garlic.

The forgery of the forgery is a forgery! Bigfoot lives! The truth is out there!
posted by Giblets at 11:48 AM



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