Thursday, February 3, 2005

"To his memory," says me.
"His memory, hear hear!" says Giblets.
"His great moral character!" says me.
"I wouldn't call it 'great'," says Giblets. "Maybe 'mediocre' or 'petty'."
"Okay then," says me. "His flossing technique! He was real good about dental hygiene."
"I dunno if I'd say real good," says Giblets.
"His suitable dental hygiene!" says me.
"His adequate table manners!" says Giblets.
"His clear penmanship!" says me.
"I wouldn’t call it 'clear'," says Giblets.
"Well then his legible penmanship," says me.
"I wouldn’t call it 'legible,' says Giblets.
"Well then the way he owned a pen," says me.
"It wasn’t a real pen," says Giblets. "I hear it was a stunt pen."
"Oh," says me. "Well. His quality of near-pen-havingness!"
"Hear hear!" says Giblets.
"The way he wore his hat," says me.
"He never had a hat," says Giblets.
"That's the way he wore it," says me.
"I found the way he didn't wear his non-hat rather unimpressive," says Giblets.
"Is that good or bad?" says me.
"Giblets undemands it be de-stricken from the remembrance!" says Giblets.
"Those shoes he used to wear," says me.
"Those were pretty cool shoes," says Giblets.
"Now they belong to the ages," says me.
"But their memories live on," says Giblets.
"They can't take that away from us," says me.
"Yes they can," says Giblets. "With powerful suction cups."
"Aw man," says me.
"To our friend," says Giblets. "To Joe."
"Who's Joe?" says me.
"Giblets thought we were talkin about Joe," says Giblets. "From Burrito Joe's. The one who gives Giblets free burritos."
"Well I was talkin about Chris," says me.
"Well Giblets didn't know that," says Giblets. "Giblets takes it all back. Giblets sees Chris all the time an he doesn't give Giblets squat. Chris can suck it."
"Well that's that," says me. "Now who wants pie!"


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