Friday, February 25, 2005

"Nothing can kill me!" says the Pope standing high atop Vatican Tower. He is wrestling giant apes and fire-breathing lizards. He hurls Fay Wray at a swarm of useless biplanes as lightning bounces off his tiara and throws fire down upon the empires of men! He lustfully grabs fistfuls of grapes from the scurrying limbs of terrified slavegirls, throws back his wild shock of papal hair and laughs – laughs! – a laugh that could bring scorn to the very gods themselves!

"I am indestructible!" says the Pope. "There is no force on earth, nothing conceived of in the spheres of heaven or the pits of hell, that can defeat the mighty Pope!" Damn you Pope! Some day you will go too far, and Giblets will be waiting – waiting to lay down his vengeance upon you!


posted by Giblets at 11:11 AM



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