Friday, February 25, 2005

Something is wrong with this picture.There's somethin wrong here. There's somethin wrong with this pie.

It looks delicious and smells delicious. Shouldn't that be enough? The crust is kinda strange and a little soft but you've tasted a lotta unorthodox recipes before that were pretty darn good and this one looks mouth-watering. Crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, melted cheese oozing over hot, juicy grilled beef. The kinda pie that makes you wanna dig right in.

But somethin isn't right. There's somethin wrong with this pie.

Is it undercooked? Overcooked? It doesn't seem burned. Maybe it's burned on the inside. But it doesn't smell burned. It smells delicious - delicious like a pie should smell. But somehow it doesn't smell quite right. Perhaps it is burned in a spiritual sense. Perhaps it has been burned by the soul. Maybe a priest could help - a pie priest. He would be able to help figure out what's wrong with this pie. Is there somethin wrong with this pie?

There has to be. You can feel it somehow. This pie is not a right pie.

Maybe it is a poison pie. Maybe it is a pie of death.

No, that's crazy people talk! This pie was sent to you by the High Pie Council of Pies themselves and why would they want to kill you, they are delicious and made of pie! Delicious like this pie - like this strange, strange pie in front of you. You pick it up.

The pie people run out with terrified looks on their faces and grab the pie away from you. They apologize and explain there's been a mix-up, this isn't your pie, it's all a misunderstandin. You feel a little relieved but a little disappointed. They bring out your pie and leave it on the table. It looks pretty good. You poke at it. It pokes back.

Wait. There's somethin wrong with this pie.


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