Saturday, February 19, 2005

Chris is pretty sick an we should probably do somethin about it. So me an Giblets break out our trusty ol Vatican exorcism trainin an get to work!

"Where's the drugs Satan!" says Giblets hittin Chris with the rosary. "We got your prints all over the weapon an your buddy's fessed up!"
"Whoa I do not think I can control my crazy partner here," says me who's bein the "Good Exorcist." "Better give Giblets what he wants Satan an stop possessin our friend."
Chris just starts makin "please i need my medicine" noises. Bad Chris! That's just what the demon wants.
"Now demon I cast you into this herd a pigs," says me.
"That's not a herd a pigs, that's a can a ham!" says Giblets.
"It's Plumrose brand ham which I find to be a fine product suitable for many occasions an I don't see why the devil should think otherwise," says me.
"He's a duke of the nether-hells! What could he want with the ham of mortals!" says Giblets.
"Are we supposed to put somethin in his mouth to keep him from swallowin his tongue or somethin?" says me.
"Mmmf," says Giblets fulla ham.

This could take a while.


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