Monday, January 31, 2005

Monday I run into my arch-nemesis at the donut shop. It's been so long! "How ya been!" I go. He's got a wife an kids an stuff now an he's workin on his doctorate an he works for a company that makes jellybeans! "That's so cool, I love jellybeans, how do you make em!" says me. We go on a tour of a jellybean factory an I get to see everything, it is so cool! We talk for hours. It's not till I get home that I remember the revenge. Oooh darn you arch-nemesis! I'll get you yet!

Tuesday I set up a convoluted trap for my arch-nemesis that involves a boulder an a lever an a big wheel with a gerbil in it an a rocketship an a system a vaccuum tubes. When my arch-nemesis shows up I ask him to please stand still on the big X while I set off my trap which he does but the trap does not work! "Nuts!" says me. "Here lemme help," says my arch-nemesis. We get to work tightenin bolts an feedin the gerbil an manage to fix it in a couple hours. "Wow, that's one nice-lookin trap!" says my arch-nemesis. "It's a beauty," says me. We celebrate with some drinks an call it a day. Later I'm watchin TV an a commercial for revenge comes on. Aw, nuts, he got away again! Next time for sure!

Wednesday I battle my arch-nemesis to the finish over a giant pit a fire an explosions! We fight with swords an kung fu an fanciful ribbons until we get tired an take a break. "Good fightin!" says me. "You too!" says my arch-nemesis. "We should pick it up after lunch." We have lunch at this great Indian place my arch-nemesis knows. I have the saag paneer. It is delicious! My arch-nemesis picks up the bill even though I insist on treatin him. What a guy! But he completely eludes revenge. How's he keep doin that?

Thursday mornin I call up my arch-nemesis about the revenge. He is sick! "I can make it," says my arch-nemesis. "Oh no you don't," says me. "You're gonna rest up an get plenty a fluids." I give him the number of a good ear nose an throat doctor in case it doesn't clear up.

Friday my arch-nemesis an me catch a movie. It's okay, nothin special, but my arch-nemesis keeps callin it "the movie of the year" even though it's only January. On the way home he keeps whistlin showtunes an callin me "chief." Why do I hang out with this guy?


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