Saturday, January 15, 2005

WHO KILLED GIBLETS?!? It is a mystery... a MURDER mystery! "Mysteries are insolent!" says Giblets. "Giblets demands vengeance!" And now we must solve its horrible mysteriousness before it can confuse us again!

Is it the Colonel with his elephant gun an his gin an his memories of the big war? "Well, hrrraa, I never!" says the Colonel. "Man of my reputation! Fought in the thingwot! Hrruffrruruufffuruff! Queen was twenty feet tall, breasts like sausages, bore me a litter of eighty-two! Ambassador to the sponge people for sixty years, hmmmm, indeed!" "I don't think he did it, but Giblets demands vengeance on him anyway," says Giblets.

Is it the leprechauns with their tiny feet an shifty eyes? "Faith 'n begorah, but we loved the wee lad, quick wi' a drink 'n a laugh!" says the leprechauns. "But oh, he came so close to our pot o' gold!" "Don't trust em!" says Giblets. "They'll sic their purple horseshoes an green clovers on you!"

Is it the rhinoceros with its aphrodisiac horn and herbivorous browsing? "While a solitary creature and rarely aggressive on its own, the white rhinoceros can be dangerous if provoked, with large horns and a weight of over 2000 kilograms," says the rhinoceros expert. "Do not startle the rhinoceros, invade its territory, feed it liquor and cigars, or eat its young." "Stupid rhinoceros," says Giblets. "Why do we have a rhinoceros anyway?" "So the alligator has somebody to play with," says me.

Is it the murderer? "I have an alibi, but I've momentarily forgotten it," says the murderer. "Could you dispose of this weapon for me? I really have to catch a plane." "Eh, seems okay," says Giblets. "He left us this box of delicious muffins!" says me. "Ooo... poison-flavored!" says Giblets.

Who could it be??!! The shocking answers when we return in a couple days!


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