Wednesday, January 5, 2005

"An so I says to the man in the mustard 'well if you think you know so much about radishes how come you don't ask THEM about it' but he just sits there in his mustard lookin angry an askin me for exact change which I don't have a course cause I loaned it to the radishes only they're not sayin anythin about it cause you know how they are," says me to the phone.
"You speak to no one!" says Giblets. "The phone company has disconnected us from phone an internet an cut us off from the outside world!"
"Don't be silly Giblets," says me. "I'm talkin to Colonel Whatsis. He's down at the Gentlemen's Club tellin stories about the Big War!"
"Colonel Whatsis is old and dead and has been dead for ages!" says Giblets. "He died of old age and death and being dead!"
"That's not true at all," says me. "Besides why would the phone company disconnect me from Colonel Whatsis without tellin me right in the middle a important stuff like talkin to Colonel Whatsis?"
"Because they are evil and stupid and are enemies of Giblets to which Giblets will lay waste with fire and sword!" says Giblets in his Roman war helmet.
"But you can't right now," says me. "On accounta normal business hours."
"Oh yes the business hours," says Giblets. "But once the customer service line is up again oh the havok and wardogs Giblets will unleash!"
"Colonel Whatsis has a funny story about wardogs but he hasn't told it in a while," says me.

We're back but postin's gonna be light till we fix this thing with the Colonel.
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